Disappointingly it is nearly the end of the weekend. Had a very good one (4 days long too as took a couple of days holiday on Thursday and Friday). Found a very Rustic Pikey pub, picked up some bargains in the charity shops and paid a visit to Ikea. Ikea may sound like quite a surprising Rustic Pikey day out, but it has many attributes that make it desireable to the Rustic Pikey. Namely it is very cheap. You can also get free coffee if you are a member of the "Family Club". There is also quite a good bargain section (always located near the checkouts).

So it is back to work tomorrow which is a bit depressing given that it is my birthday... oooo it's my birthday NOW... past midnight... The Rustic Pikey would like birthday breakfast in bed (jug of the good coffee and eggy bread please).



This guy (Jack Hargreaves) is one of the most enduring of my childhood memories.


Time for a rant. Victorian Farm....finished, Monty Hall's Big Adventure....finished, Grow Your Own Drugs....finished. Where's all the Rustic Pikey TV gone.

When does River Cottage start again :(


Has content now folks. Please feel free to contact Rustic Pikey HQ to comment or give any advice.


 Half a wine box and a fire. Limited Rustic Pikey viewing on telly so making own entertainment.


What do you think? Mentallist or Creative Genius? Ha ha


Here is a little quotation from fellow Rustic Pikey, Debs:

You are a flipping loon, I am getting worried about you. Have to say though that it is a good website and i will send to as many people as possible you may become really famous.   Obviously,  expect to see pikeyfriends on there too some time in the future.  You could start with pikey outdoor toilets aka weeing in the garden-ha ha!!!  

The Rustic Pikey Replies:  Loving the outdoor weeing section idea. I will add it into the Rustic Pikey Lifestyle Page asap fellow Rustic Pikey.

PS... I have just checked the site statistics and we have had 60 visitors today! Welcome Rustic Pikeys!!!