Not been on for a while, but that's not to say there's no Rustic Pikey goings on...
Been busy sourcing a new vehicle to replace the lovely Darlene who is now (as far as I still know) enjoying life in Holland. Now proud owner of a Series III Land Rover as you will see on the Transport page. Love it! Mad to drive but great to have the steering wheel on the right and gears. No power steering either - awesome!

Other news - 3 new (ish) chickens - a white Sussex, Black Rock and a Black Rock x. They've settled in well and are supplying plenty of eggs. The older hybrids we have are still fit and well but past their egg laying now. This is the trouble with chickens bred for mass egg production; they put their heart and sole into providing massive eggs, but after a couple of years, they wear themselves out. In farming terms, these ladies would be out on their ear, but ours are enjoying their retirement. They get raped rather less by the cockerel too as he's got 3 newer wives to shag now.

Ducks ok, but down to 4 now. The menfolk have buggered off leaving only Big Bill and his 3 wives. Had a couple of nests but no babies this Spring.

Garden doing well now that we have a livestock free zone. Loads of different types of tomato doing well. Bargain in Focus on Friday - asparagus 10p a pot and various sweet/chilli peppers also for 10p. Bought up a fair few.

We have also taken up fishing which is a perfect Rustic Pikey activity, being a source of food, outdoors, smelly and relaxing. More on this later - think a fishing section will be on the way very soon.

Anyway, better go now as wine to drink! (Have made some apple - NICE - drunk it before it got to the bottling stage, but have some gorse flower in demi-john and will share recipe later if any good).