This is wicked if it works....




Hmm back to work today. Just finished. Did quite a bit extra for job No.1 so as to have a better day tomorrow, then a quick break for supper and then job No.2. Just finished. I have designed an ad today! Also happy as I wrote a Rockin is our Bizness feature a while ago, and have got green light for publication. I do honestly feel like "the work experience girl" sometimes as it's all a big learning curve. Having a nice hair of dog vodka and coke to unwind. Fire is on in the garden so off out for a sit down.
Said bye bye to our last ginger hen yesterday (Lady Marmalade). She enjoyed her last supper of sweetcorn soup and some fresh green leaves from the garden.
Dougie shot a wood pigeon which we are intending to have for tea next week. He needs a couple more though... I like to shoot tin cans. Have also been playing some chords on the guitar and man are my fingers sore today. Bit over hung due to wine on an empty tummy yesterday. Why is it that I was good all weekend and then the night before going back to work I manage to get totally hammered!? Scraped myself out of bed and gorged on white chocolate, dry roast nuts, ice cream and a can of cold hot dog sausages. Had the bright idea of completely cleaning the stove last night but needless to say iut didn't get finished so this morning I had to wait 2 fucking hours for the dishwasher to finally get all the rings and hot plates out and back on again for my bucket of coffee. Also after burning the old kettle dry we only have tiny little red one (it's very RP and an antique one from Eastern Europe) but you can't fit a lot of water in it. Also coffee tastes a bit cidery as I make mulled spiced cider sometimes.
Don't forget Angry Boys is on tonight!

Daniel & Nathan Sims! So fuckin funny. Worryingly, we have an orange beanbag just like that. I'm gonna get Dougie in it later and take some snaps...
Very satisfactory weekend so far. Was off work yesterday and spent most of it painting the office. Offices in themselves are v un Rustic Pikey, but when you need a place to work, you do need a place to work. Got rid of the oppressive dark red wall that the previous occupants decided was ok and replaced it with pale 1950s turquoise (custom mixed as I didn't have enough turquoise left so diluted it with some white to avoid buying more paint). Pleased with the result.
Today cleaned said office and drank some Skittle vodka for inspiration (thank you Pauline) and rearranged the furniture - a great cheap Rustic Pikey way to give a room a whole new look whilst spending the square root of fuck all.
Did the front hall way as well and the cigarette machine fits nicely on the bureau in the entrance. Will be up to something with the fag machine in due course but not sure what yet. It needs some Rustic Pikey dad attention as sometimes it lights up when you switch it on, sometimes it doesn't. Also need a skeleton key as got it from Ebay with no key. It might be full of fags, that would be a result. So long as they are not Rothmans. Drinking some wine and burning out the back. Should put some pics up but the fire is call
Splendid weekend and very Rustic Pikey indeed. Saturday night we went to an awesome party at our friends' Jim & Ann's farm. It was a birthday party for Ann's twin girls (aged 10) but very good for adults too as massive stash of alcohol, live music in the barn and lots of mud, dogs and all good Rustic Pikey stuff. Fell in love with their 2 piglets but did manage to get bitten. My fault entirely but I made up for it later and gavce them a couple of sausage rools the naughty little cannibals. Our friend the red Mini Cooper was there and he is being restored which was nice to see (we borrowed him a couple of winters ago when the golf was off the road so he is very much a car we like). Misty the Lurcher and Sirus the Rottweiler (pronounced Serieuse) as her dad is French were gorgeous. I do like to see dogs enjoying a party. Kids were knackered when we got back (not too late) and slept in Sunday which was all good.
Yesterday went to a barbeque and ate and drank too much yet again but the sun was shining and it would have been rude not to. Came home to have a fire in the garden.
Good all round weekend but paying the price today as have a stinking cold (still... I was hoping the alcohol would have killed it but no such luck). Plans for the week include working, but doing little else.
Sunshine today! A morning of Rustic Pikeyness and then an afternoon in the garden for some pre-party drinks and a bit of a rest after "work"...
One Rustic Pikey thing I have been doing is filling out some online surveys for a bit of free cash. Well, not cash, you get points to exchange for vouchers. This morning I got a nice surprise as one of the companies sent me Luncheon Vouchers. Fucking hell retro or what! I didn't think they were still aroung! Really cute and very small. Now on the back it says they should be put towards a meal at one of the several places listed but Tesco, Asda and Saisnburys are on there, so I wonder if they can go towards some liquid lunches of wine/cider etc? Nice.
As you can see I've been busy updating the site the last couple of days. Not really any new material as such, just been tidying it up a bit. There will be lots of new stuff (hopefully) over the coming weeks and months.

Recent pikeyness includes:
Starting to paint the coin operated horse... I have only done one eye so far and it took ages but I am quite pleased with it. It's the kind of thing you can really only do when you are 100% in the mood.

Doing a fair bit of veggie growing. Got two of these green container in Lidl (v cheap) for potatoes but Mr Brown was keen to try them out for size first. Potatoes now doing well, as are the beetroots, lettuces, brocolli, courgettes, onions, strawberries and herbs. The tomatoes are fucked.

Making cakes with this awesome vintage Sunbeam MixMaster. It actually smells like the 1950s it is wicked. Dougie found it at a boot sale and we paid the pricely sum of £1 for it. A very good pikey bargain.