Interesting. Hope he wins!
This is quite good; it's way old from 2008 but worth a read. I especially like the response from Daniel L Kelly: "That's why I prefer to call them cunts." (in reply to Jack El Biscuit's comment about indie kids using the word "chav"). Jack El Biscuit agreed saying "It's a word for all people."
Well I think using the word "pikey" is perfectly acceptable when describing me or any of my RP pals providing it's preceded with "Rustic" and never used as as an insult towards Gypsy folk. Perhaps we can give it it's true meaning and then people won't use it in a racist context towards people they shouldn't. That'd be a result.
168 Unique visits today - very good work fellow Rustic Pikeys! Only 10 followers on Twitter though, so don't be shy and The Rustic Pikey will always follow you back. 
Just a little note concerning the above. Some misinformed and ignorant lower specimens in our society refer to our Gypsy, Romany and traveller friends as "pikeys". This is derogatory and unacceptable. The Rustic Pikey respects these people, and would like it to be known that this site does not advocate the use of the "Pikey" word to describe them.
So what is a Rustic Pikey then? A Rustic Pikey is me or someone like me and this site is basically a piss take of my own life-style and I am not a traveller, Romany nor Gypsy but I do support their heritage and beliefs.
I thought I would put this on the blog in case someone is googling "pikey" in ignorance and comes up with this site instead. I know there are some people out there who dislike Gypsies, but I for one would welcome them to live nearby. We have a load of scrap metal waiting for the next lot when they drive by, so if you are a Gypsy then stop by - you'll be welcomed.  
Great Rustic Pikey party here last night. Well, to be honest it wasn't a proper RP party because it was Mr RP's sister's engagement do and they just used the premises. This is actually ideal because it means limited preparation and outlay and all the fun of a gathering. Plus there are added benefits of the control of the music and getting to keep the leftovers.

I might put a party section on the proper site in due course because of the importance of a good RP knees up, but here are a few pointers to be going on with:

1. There is nothing worse than cleaning up the next day after a party with an over-hang so in order to minimise mess - use disposable plates, cutlery etc. Put several bins around so RP guests use them instead of leaving them around for you to collect up next day. Note - paper plates are good for burning. Also put a few recycling boxes around for empties.

2. Make sure there are plenty of ash trays. The Rustic Pikey has numerous large ones acquired from various sources (mainly beer gardens) but terracotta plant pots filled with sand are good for the garden.

3. Do any food in advance to avoid missing valuable drinking time at the party.

4. Make good use of leftovers. Even if they are only going to the RP dog, ferret and chickens it still gives you a day or so of free feed.

5. Keep some booze aside for the following day's clear up operation. If you heed 1 and 2, it shouldn't be too bad but it is a lot less evil when you can enjoy a hair of the dog. You may not feel like heading out to purchase more drink, so a small readily available supply put by can be a god-send.

6. Keep pikelets out of the way if possible, but on some occasions it may be necessary to include them (like last night). Keep them busy with a few jobs - for example collecting rubbish for burning. They can also look after any RP dogs attending.

7. Be prepared to make some allowances if you are allowing use of the RP residence to others for a "third party" party... For example, at the engagement, a lot of pink balloons turned up (although they were illuminated which lessened the blow) and pink decorations including rose petals, glitter, bubbles and banners. These are not RP, but sometimes you have to live and let live. After a few drinks they become very much more acceptable and even fun. The RP dog enjoys bursting balloons.

8. The aim of the RP party is to create a pub type atmosphere. This can be achieved easily in a proper RP abode although some rejigging of the furniture can be needed. A bar type vibe can be created by using several groups of tables and chairs each lit by candles in bottles. As a RP you will have plenty of bar equipment to create an authentic feel. 

And that is pretty much it for this evening because The Rustic Pikey is knackered!

Good day yesterday. Walked Mr Brown and met one of our neighbours on the way back. Dougie helped her trim some roses and we gave her some eggs. 
Supper of Chorizo & chickpea soup with dump-scones washed down with a significant enough amount of wine to give me quite a sore head. Neighbour behind is not helping as he has hired a digger and is "moving some earth" with it. I have put that in inverted commas because he has been doing it since 8am and is still going at 1:30pm. Quite how long it takes to do this I have no idea but the earth piles looked quite small yesterday. Maybe he is just enjoying the digger. My head is not. Quiet day planned and the tonight off to see the Accelerators. Will hopefully be back on form by the evening and a nice "cleansing" supper. 
Dougie did my hair last night which is now dark brown again and I have a proper fringe. V pleased.