Half a wine box and a fire. Limited Rustic Pikey viewing on telly so making own entertainment.



04/07/2009 04:19

Wondering what your own entertainment will be rustic P?? I will be (not rustic P at all tho!) washing clothes for the weekend visit to Pikey land of Redca, were i will be drinking the diesal (snake bite & black for you southeners) and having a fire too!
Catching up with the pikey ladies of Redca for further pikey goings on......

The Rusty Pikey
04/07/2009 08:16

Of course it will be RP just not sure what yet... The key to good Rustic Pikey living is to live on the edge, and whenever a Rusty Pikey impulse hits you, harness it and create something beautiful.
The diesel sounds good. Red diesel remember is best so do call it that. It will be red because of the blackcurrant. Make sure you send my pikiest wishes to the Northern RPs and send us a pic of the fire! x

Mr RP.
04/07/2009 10:51

Will half a box be enough?

04/07/2009 13:20

Mr R P, of course half a box will be enough as it is the RP skool nite, now of course if it was a weekend more than half a box would be needed.

Nette aka Coastal Pikey
04/10/2009 14:39

Piccies fo coastal pikey fire winging their way to you via t'internet.


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