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Edith - Cute aint she!
As a pikey, it has always been one of my dreams to have a fairground carousel horse. Or a Galloper as the professionals would know it. This is the next best thing. Edith is so-named because it suits her. She arrived yesterday to the Rustic Pikey residence and has settled in very quickly. She is a Mobo Bronco, which is quite a coincidence as my car is a Bronco...

I might restore Edith and paint her Palomino (thanks Dougal-Debs for suggestion) or I might leave her as she is. Not sure yet. These little horses fetch good money ($500 or so on Ebay) but I have fallen in love so Edith is here to stay! Please feel free to post admiring comments. (She works perfectly!)



The Rustic Pikey
06/05/2009 14:53

I have quite an unusal trait in so far as that I have the ability to "covet" things I actually own. The mechanical tin horse being one of them. I am really pleased with her.

Rustic Pikey
06/26/2010 16:38

Edith is not being repainted - she's lovely as she is, and I think it would devalue her. Have new horse project on the go now... please see new entry on blog.


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