Splendid weekend and very Rustic Pikey indeed. Saturday night we went to an awesome party at our friends' Jim & Ann's farm. It was a birthday party for Ann's twin girls (aged 10) but very good for adults too as massive stash of alcohol, live music in the barn and lots of mud, dogs and all good Rustic Pikey stuff. Fell in love with their 2 piglets but did manage to get bitten. My fault entirely but I made up for it later and gavce them a couple of sausage rools the naughty little cannibals. Our friend the red Mini Cooper was there and he is being restored which was nice to see (we borrowed him a couple of winters ago when the golf was off the road so he is very much a car we like). Misty the Lurcher and Sirus the Rottweiler (pronounced Serieuse) as her dad is French were gorgeous. I do like to see dogs enjoying a party. Kids were knackered when we got back (not too late) and slept in Sunday which was all good.
Yesterday went to a barbeque and ate and drank too much yet again but the sun was shining and it would have been rude not to. Came home to have a fire in the garden.
Good all round weekend but paying the price today as have a stinking cold (still... I was hoping the alcohol would have killed it but no such luck). Plans for the week include working, but doing little else.


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