Hmm back to work today. Just finished. Did quite a bit extra for job No.1 so as to have a better day tomorrow, then a quick break for supper and then job No.2. Just finished. I have designed an ad today! Also happy as I wrote a Rockin is our Bizness feature a while ago, and have got green light for publication. I do honestly feel like "the work experience girl" sometimes as it's all a big learning curve. Having a nice hair of dog vodka and coke to unwind. Fire is on in the garden so off out for a sit down.
Said bye bye to our last ginger hen yesterday (Lady Marmalade). She enjoyed her last supper of sweetcorn soup and some fresh green leaves from the garden.
Dougie shot a wood pigeon which we are intending to have for tea next week. He needs a couple more though... I like to shoot tin cans. Have also been playing some chords on the guitar and man are my fingers sore today. Bit over hung due to wine on an empty tummy yesterday. Why is it that I was good all weekend and then the night before going back to work I manage to get totally hammered!? Scraped myself out of bed and gorged on white chocolate, dry roast nuts, ice cream and a can of cold hot dog sausages. Had the bright idea of completely cleaning the stove last night but needless to say iut didn't get finished so this morning I had to wait 2 fucking hours for the dishwasher to finally get all the rings and hot plates out and back on again for my bucket of coffee. Also after burning the old kettle dry we only have tiny little red one (it's very RP and an antique one from Eastern Europe) but you can't fit a lot of water in it. Also coffee tastes a bit cidery as I make mulled spiced cider sometimes.
Don't forget Angry Boys is on tonight!



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