Very satisfactory weekend so far. Was off work yesterday and spent most of it painting the office. Offices in themselves are v un Rustic Pikey, but when you need a place to work, you do need a place to work. Got rid of the oppressive dark red wall that the previous occupants decided was ok and replaced it with pale 1950s turquoise (custom mixed as I didn't have enough turquoise left so diluted it with some white to avoid buying more paint). Pleased with the result.
Today cleaned said office and drank some Skittle vodka for inspiration (thank you Pauline) and rearranged the furniture - a great cheap Rustic Pikey way to give a room a whole new look whilst spending the square root of fuck all.
Did the front hall way as well and the cigarette machine fits nicely on the bureau in the entrance. Will be up to something with the fag machine in due course but not sure what yet. It needs some Rustic Pikey dad attention as sometimes it lights up when you switch it on, sometimes it doesn't. Also need a skeleton key as got it from Ebay with no key. It might be full of fags, that would be a result. So long as they are not Rothmans. Drinking some wine and burning out the back. Should put some pics up but the fire is call


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