This is quite good; it's way old from 2008 but worth a read. I especially like the response from Daniel L Kelly: "That's why I prefer to call them cunts." (in reply to Jack El Biscuit's comment about indie kids using the word "chav"). Jack El Biscuit agreed saying "It's a word for all people."
Well I think using the word "pikey" is perfectly acceptable when describing me or any of my RP pals providing it's preceded with "Rustic" and never used as as an insult towards Gypsy folk. Perhaps we can give it it's true meaning and then people won't use it in a racist context towards people they shouldn't. That'd be a result.


The Rustic Pikey
08/17/2011 14:48

I suppose I could change the site's name to "The Rustic C***" Don't think my folks or Twitter would like it tho...


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