Just a little note concerning the above. Some misinformed and ignorant lower specimens in our society refer to our Gypsy, Romany and traveller friends as "pikeys". This is derogatory and unacceptable. The Rustic Pikey respects these people, and would like it to be known that this site does not advocate the use of the "Pikey" word to describe them.
So what is a Rustic Pikey then? A Rustic Pikey is me or someone like me and this site is basically a piss take of my own life-style and I am not a traveller, Romany nor Gypsy but I do support their heritage and beliefs.
I thought I would put this on the blog in case someone is googling "pikey" in ignorance and comes up with this site instead. I know there are some people out there who dislike Gypsies, but I for one would welcome them to live nearby. We have a load of scrap metal waiting for the next lot when they drive by, so if you are a Gypsy then stop by - you'll be welcomed.  


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