Good day yesterday. Walked Mr Brown and met one of our neighbours on the way back. Dougie helped her trim some roses and we gave her some eggs. 
Supper of Chorizo & chickpea soup with dump-scones washed down with a significant enough amount of wine to give me quite a sore head. Neighbour behind is not helping as he has hired a digger and is "moving some earth" with it. I have put that in inverted commas because he has been doing it since 8am and is still going at 1:30pm. Quite how long it takes to do this I have no idea but the earth piles looked quite small yesterday. Maybe he is just enjoying the digger. My head is not. Quiet day planned and the tonight off to see the Accelerators. Will hopefully be back on form by the evening and a nice "cleansing" supper. 
Dougie did my hair last night which is now dark brown again and I have a proper fringe. V pleased.


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will return quickly


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