Ever get that feeling when you have so much to do, everything's getting on top of you, yet you don't have the energy or inclination to do a goddamn thing about it apart from fret? That's just how I'm feeling this evening.

The cottage and garden are a total mess, I can't be arsed with eBay, I need to sort the $ situation and pay the bills and life seems to be all about work - leaving no time for other things. I have a poorly stomach after eating some polony type sausage and not bothering to check the ingredients panel, the decorators are due in (and I want a Caramac and don't have one!) and FFS I have chipped nail varnish. You may think Rustic Pikeys are not very bothered about nails, but it is one thing I do try and keep nice which is not easy when you're up to your eyeballs in mud/dirt/dust etc. Even this website's a mess and the page order is all out of synch. Plus to top it all I have been eaten alive by mozzies and am trying hard not to itch!
As an expert procrastinator I know I do have the capacity to continue until it gets to the point where doing the jobs are better than worrying about them.  So this is to give myself a break and stop worrying, stop doing anything at all for a night and just have a vent. Writing is actually really good ways to get things into perspective. Hell, I feel better already. No really! Tomorrow is another day, and I can feel a new list coming on. The real test will be whether I crack on with stuff tomorrow or procrastinate some more. I feel llike I'm carting round a massive bag of rocks, so tomorrow will be the day to offload them and check in and tell you just how it's done. Stage 1 is rest and relax... (with wine!)



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