Daniel & Nathan Sims! So fuckin funny. Worryingly, we have an orange beanbag just like that. I'm gonna get Dougie in it later and take some snaps...

Very satisfactory weekend so far. Was off work yesterday and spent most of it painting the office. Offices in themselves are v un Rustic Pikey, but when you need a place to work, you do need a place to work. Got rid of the oppressive dark red wall that the previous occupants decided was ok and replaced it with pale 1950s turquoise (custom mixed as I didn't have enough turquoise left so diluted it with some white to avoid buying more paint). Pleased with the result.
Today cleaned said office and drank some Skittle vodka for inspiration (thank you Pauline) and rearranged the furniture - a great cheap Rustic Pikey way to give a room a whole new look whilst spending the square root of fuck all.
Did the front hall way as well and the cigarette machine fits nicely on the bureau in the entrance. Will be up to something with the fag machine in due course but not sure what yet. It needs some Rustic Pikey dad attention as sometimes it lights up when you switch it on, sometimes it doesn't. Also need a skeleton key as got it from Ebay with no key. It might be full of fags, that would be a result. So long as they are not Rothmans. Drinking some wine and burning out the back. Should put some pics up but the fire is call
Splendid weekend and very Rustic Pikey indeed. Saturday night we went to an awesome party at our friends' Jim & Ann's farm. It was a birthday party for Ann's twin girls (aged 10) but very good for adults too as massive stash of alcohol, live music in the barn and lots of mud, dogs and all good Rustic Pikey stuff. Fell in love with their 2 piglets but did manage to get bitten. My fault entirely but I made up for it later and gavce them a couple of sausage rools the naughty little cannibals. Our friend the red Mini Cooper was there and he is being restored which was nice to see (we borrowed him a couple of winters ago when the golf was off the road so he is very much a car we like). Misty the Lurcher and Sirus the Rottweiler (pronounced Serieuse) as her dad is French were gorgeous. I do like to see dogs enjoying a party. Kids were knackered when we got back (not too late) and slept in Sunday which was all good.
Yesterday went to a barbeque and ate and drank too much yet again but the sun was shining and it would have been rude not to. Came home to have a fire in the garden.
Good all round weekend but paying the price today as have a stinking cold (still... I was hoping the alcohol would have killed it but no such luck). Plans for the week include working, but doing little else.
Sunshine today! A morning of Rustic Pikeyness and then an afternoon in the garden for some pre-party drinks and a bit of a rest after "work"...
One Rustic Pikey thing I have been doing is filling out some online surveys for a bit of free cash. Well, not cash, you get points to exchange for vouchers. This morning I got a nice surprise as one of the companies sent me Luncheon Vouchers. Fucking hell retro or what! I didn't think they were still aroung! Really cute and very small. Now on the back it says they should be put towards a meal at one of the several places listed but Tesco, Asda and Saisnburys are on there, so I wonder if they can go towards some liquid lunches of wine/cider etc? Nice.
As you can see I've been busy updating the site the last couple of days. Not really any new material as such, just been tidying it up a bit. There will be lots of new stuff (hopefully) over the coming weeks and months.

Recent pikeyness includes:
Starting to paint the coin operated horse... I have only done one eye so far and it took ages but I am quite pleased with it. It's the kind of thing you can really only do when you are 100% in the mood.

Doing a fair bit of veggie growing. Got two of these green container in Lidl (v cheap) for potatoes but Mr Brown was keen to try them out for size first. Potatoes now doing well, as are the beetroots, lettuces, brocolli, courgettes, onions, strawberries and herbs. The tomatoes are fucked.

Making cakes with this awesome vintage Sunbeam MixMaster. It actually smells like the 1950s it is wicked. Dougie found it at a boot sale and we paid the pricely sum of £1 for it. A very good pikey bargain.

Not been on for a while, but that's not to say there's no Rustic Pikey goings on...
Been busy sourcing a new vehicle to replace the lovely Darlene who is now (as far as I still know) enjoying life in Holland. Now proud owner of a Series III Land Rover as you will see on the Transport page. Love it! Mad to drive but great to have the steering wheel on the right and gears. No power steering either - awesome!

Other news - 3 new (ish) chickens - a white Sussex, Black Rock and a Black Rock x. They've settled in well and are supplying plenty of eggs. The older hybrids we have are still fit and well but past their egg laying now. This is the trouble with chickens bred for mass egg production; they put their heart and sole into providing massive eggs, but after a couple of years, they wear themselves out. In farming terms, these ladies would be out on their ear, but ours are enjoying their retirement. They get raped rather less by the cockerel too as he's got 3 newer wives to shag now.

Ducks ok, but down to 4 now. The menfolk have buggered off leaving only Big Bill and his 3 wives. Had a couple of nests but no babies this Spring.

Garden doing well now that we have a livestock free zone. Loads of different types of tomato doing well. Bargain in Focus on Friday - asparagus 10p a pot and various sweet/chilli peppers also for 10p. Bought up a fair few.

We have also taken up fishing which is a perfect Rustic Pikey activity, being a source of food, outdoors, smelly and relaxing. More on this later - think a fishing section will be on the way very soon.

Anyway, better go now as wine to drink! (Have made some apple - NICE - drunk it before it got to the bottling stage, but have some gorse flower in demi-john and will share recipe later if any good).

Life has not been too good of late. The fabulous Isaac went to heaven a couple of weeks ago, and although we have a lovely rescue staffie, Isaac is missed enormously. The same week we also said farewell to my boss Graham Stephens, who lost his brave battle against leukaemia.

I believe in the Rainbow Bridge where special dogs and their owners are reunited. I love rainbows, and they always remind me that even though you cannot physically touch them, they are still so beautiful. The souls of those we've loved are like rainbows. We can see their beauty and though we cannot feel them they can still touch our hearts.

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Edith - Cute aint she!
As a pikey, it has always been one of my dreams to have a fairground carousel horse. Or a Galloper as the professionals would know it. This is the next best thing. Edith is so-named because it suits her. She arrived yesterday to the Rustic Pikey residence and has settled in very quickly. She is a Mobo Bronco, which is quite a coincidence as my car is a Bronco...

I might restore Edith and paint her Palomino (thanks Dougal-Debs for suggestion) or I might leave her as she is. Not sure yet. These little horses fetch good money ($500 or so on Ebay) but I have fallen in love so Edith is here to stay! Please feel free to post admiring comments. (She works perfectly!)


This is what Rustic Pikey Dad gets up to when Rustic Pikey Mum is out. I think it was supposed to be a nice surprise for her. They are meant to be "Daffodil Warriors". Count them! Note the cat style one at the back. Very random and gets the thumbs up from me. I am almost disappointed that the daffy season is over because there won't be any more for RPD to interfere with on his visit up here next week.

Daffodil Warriors (very random)
Daffodil Warriors More of Them (still random)
We had 9 ducklings hatch on Sunday 24th May. They're nearly 2 weeks old now and growing fast!